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The Diamond Lane
-the- T e r i   H a t c h e r  
H o m e   P a g e   A r c h i v e
Last Updated: August 23, 2005

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Since Jan. 19, 2001 and about
50k to 150k views per month.
The Diamond Lane

The Diamond Lane

the- Teri Hatcher Home Page Archive is a collection of pictures, sounds, info, and other media relating to the actress Teri Lynn Hatcher.  We use a picture Gallery to organize content, and offer several different types of sections and related information.  Thanks for stopping by, enjoy!
ALL content on these pages is copyright by their respective owners, unless stated differently.   Content on this site is used under fair use policy.  This website maintains no ownership OR responsibility of content owned by others.  We simply provide a spot to archive data.

The website was offline for possibly 9 days.   I really apologize.  I am going through some network upgrades, and I think the web server process simply got overlooked.   The website is online with a totally separate and faster machine, and NAS array.   I am activating some checks now which will make sure this NEVER happens again.   Truly sorry.

WOW, it has certainly been some time from the last update!   Since the implementation of the Gallery pictures archive, I have been in a slow but forward-moving upgrade for all the systems.  You will notice the site is now much faster when serving pages and pictures.   I will also start calling this site, an "archive" site.  I think that better describes it.   Since I don't get a lot of time to maintain it, I am hoping for involvement from those who wish to help.

With the Gallery picture pages, anyone can easily become a webmaster over an entire Gallery section.  This basically gives you complete authoring control over that part of the site, content, colors, and of course pictures.  Please let me know if you are interested, and I will set you up with a username/password.

I accept all forms of media content relating to Teri Hatcher.  Please e-mail, or provide a download location for me.  I can post them with or without recognition on my website.  If you want to send Post Office mail to me, my address is at the bottom of this page. 
I will also pay for UPS shipments with my personal account to minimize costs to you.

A new and unbelievable Teri website is located at

happy-bday.gif (12130 bytes)

AG00031_.gif (11132 bytes) Teri turns 40 TODAY!
still the hottest number on screen!


I know it has been a long time since my last post, but I have something VERY COOL now.   I have finally put together a very comprehensive photo album with an online thumbnail system now!   This is one of the couple online systems I will be testing.  I figured I will let everyone use it, and test it for me.

Please let me know if you have any problems with it.  You can reach the old index here.  I still have plans to re-construct the "" but it has been a super low-priority.  Coming up shortly I hope will be a restructure of the "Links" section with a database driven system.

The permanent domain name for this site will be "" now.  The previous domain names will all lead here now.  If you link this site, please update your information.  The preview site is still available at "".  As time permits I will get this site online in a more viewable form.  I have an absolute ton of images, files, stories, movies, music, and more to get online.

Happy Independence day.  The domain name was scooped up by a domain company called "" and will most likely be out of use for a while.  I will do what I can to get it back, but it will be a long road.

6/23/2001: has been removed from the Internet due to a registration upset in the transfer to my control.  I am embarrassed about this, but mistakes do happen.  I will attempt to rectify the situation soon, but I don't know how long it will take.  Until then, please use instead.

The old pages will be available at until I get this resolved.

2/15/2001: has merged with us now!  I am still in the process of compiling the format of  I should have it up soon.  Until then, please bear with me.  You can reach the BBS at

Thanks to Les for a good effort all this time!

happy-bday.gif (12130 bytes)
AG00031_.gif (11132 bytes) Teri turns 36 TODAY!

The website was down for 2 days due to a mis-configuration at the Internic.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  This website will NEVER go offline permanently as long as I am alive.  Email and web addressing will work now, going to any address or domain
In the future, this website can be found at:

Thanks for your patronage!!

Well, we all made it through Year 2000, eh!  I am so glad everything went well.  -the- Teri site I have is moving right along, but slowly.   Thanks to all the visitors over the last several years in making these pages very popular.  We are now indexed and site linked in thousands of sites throughout the world.  It amazes me how many sites link this website!

Thanks to Les over at for having such a great page to link to.  As my schedule keeps me pretty busy I hardly have time to update these pages.

Thanks to: Skip Walker, Rick Carroll, Cory B., James Dempsey, Valerie Abrol, Marianne Goldstein, Lisa Cindolo for information updates.

Always check out my Links and Information page. I am finding new stuff all the time!

I just added a collection of pictures from Steve Perrin, please take a look and see what you think. I thought they were excellent!

Please send me pictures that do not appear on this site. I would also like to link to pictures that are elsewhere on the net. If I could find several more places where people have solid picture archives, I would be able to take some of the load off my server.

This site will NOT house nude or explicit pictures of Ms. Hatcher Although it was her choice to star in a movie with such poses, I cannot be held liable for the use of such pictures, nor do I believe in such displays on the web. If you have any links which you would like me to hotlink to, I will do that.

Does anyone have the Christmas pose of her? I will post when I have it, thanks.

Check out the Lois and Clark NewsGroup for more information.

Due to the overwhelming requests of this page, I would like to ask people to send me an e-mail when linking to my pictures to spread the load around. Please respect this site and others by downloading only those images you really want.

Do you think any advertisers would want to contribute to this page? If I get support, I could make it even better!

This site is under construction as I get all the pieces put together. Please e-mail me, or tell me where I can get more pictures, links, and information. Thanks.

I constructed a Teri Hatcher Past Information Page to house old information about Teri and Lois and Clark I have written.

For Mail to Teri remember to make sure there is a "from: address" and "subject line".  Mail to Teri Hatcher will get sent when I get a confirmed method of sending mail to her.  Fan Mail has traditionally been hard for professional Actors/Actresses to handle.  One day I hope to change that, and make a safe haven for them to interact with their fans.

US Mail Post Office Address:
-the- Teri Hatcher Home Page Archive
2914 Mesa Oak Court
Brentwood, CA  94513

ALL content on these pages is copyright by their respective owners, unless stated differently.   Content on this site is used under fair use policy.  This website maintains no ownership OR responsibility of content owned by others.  We simply provide a spot to archive data.

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